HAR Properties

Created in 2009, HAR Properties is a dedicated real estate company providing all types of real estate services, more particularly developing projects. Based in Lebanon, with a regional outreach, HAR Properties has fixed the following objectives:

  • Develop its own real estate projects

  • Develop third party operations

HAR Properties relies on skills and expertise, providing an inclusive range of services tailored to each investor's objectives, adding the comfort and efficiency of a unique mediator.


Real Estate Expertise

  • A strong awareness of the markets and the costs
  • Trends estimation
  • A great knowledge of the real estate supply
  • Access to statistical key-data for an efficient market study
  • Mastering the Product with a developer approach
  • Setting up a marketing and sales strategy customized to each type of asset
  • Identifying key-market agents
  • Recommending the finest real estate program according to the demand
  • Establishing a viable communication strategy adapted to the target client
  • Establishing an institutional communication strategy
  • Launching Projects with a selling strategy well adapted to the product


Financial Expertise

Having a great experience in managing the different areas of real estate, starting with promoting the product all the way to asset management and fund management, HAR Properties has acquired a distinctive know-how in the following fields:

  • Knowledge of specialized bankers
  • Mastering of real estate financing and refinancing
  • Demand Analysis
  • Cash flow projection
  • Setting up adapted financial models
  • Patterns establishment
  • Cash Management


Legal and Fiscal Expertise

HAR Properties has surrounded itself with trusted partners to well manage its different transactions:

  • Conduct of Due Diligences
  • Structuring transactions
  • Following up on the administrative licenses (demolition permits, construction permits, work notifications ...)
  • Control of legal, regulatory and professional obligations


Technical Expertise

HAR Properties has forged alliances with leading professionals in order to ascertain top of the line architectural and engineering studies thanks to:

  • Identifying and approaching major world-renowned architects
  • Working directly with construction groups
  • Working closely with Project Management groups

Thanks to the large fields of expertise that make HAR Properties a reference, the company offers the following services:

  • Develop a City Planning
  • Act as a Consultant for a third party
  • Negotiating partnerships for promotional activities and urban planning
  • Conducting Market Studies and counseling in order to develop the right project compared with the demand.
  • Thorough and accurate legal guidance
  • Financial recommendations and a comprehensive financial plan to attain the most efficient return:
    • Prepare financial feasibility studies
    • Develop business plans
    • Establish a financial plan and detailed cost estimates
  • Identify suppliers and engineering companies
  • Sales and Marketing strategies through strategic partners:
    • Marketing Positioning of the Project
    • Selection of branding and marketing agencies
    • Preparation of the sales documents
    • Conducting market studies and surveys
    • Setting up sales strategies
    • Selecting the best Marketing and Sales companies




HAR Properties was initiated following an encounter between Fahed El Hariri and Philippe Tabet involving a mutual vision, complementary ideas, and parallel techniques of operations


Chairman: Fahed R. Hariri

Fahed Hariri received his degree in architecture in 2004 after completing studies in the same major at the Ecole Spéciale d'Architecture in Paris. His career took off while he was still attaining to his studies, and created an interior design workshop, located in the suburbs of Paris, designing furniture for Saudi Arabian market. He has always craved to develop real estate projects in the Middle East, his home region. He sought after being able to merge both artistic elements and commercial designs. Owing his father former Prime Minister Rafik El Hariri, this passion for the world of real estate and construction, who made a fortune while working as a construction entrepreneur in Riyadh. 

His vision: to create public spaces around the buildings where people can meet and discuss; it was all about designing a real living space. For him, these public spaces are as important as the buildings, and must be considered as a central element of urban design.

His wish: to position himself as a unique entrepreneur and take part in the conception of modernity.


CEO & General Manager: Philippe Tabet

With an MBA in Banking Finance from Paris, Philippe Tabet decided to lead his career in private banking for two years but soon the love for real estate regained the upper hand while being offered a position in the management Project. For two years, he kept on learning about for, project techniques and management to join later the COGEDIM group, one of the most prestigious French real estate development companies, in which he started promoting high-end apartments. Then Mr. Tabet became the sales team manager becoming as well the director in asset management. HAR Properties was born following an encounter between Philippe Tabet and Fahed Hariri, their common point of views related to heritage preservation, and the love for beautiful architecture.






Address : 6th Floor, La Pinède Building, Sami el Solh Street, Beirut, Lebanon

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